My First Design

When I was 12, I created my first design. I was watching my sister as she goes to her prom date with her high school crush and I imagined myself also attending prom night. I imagined myself wearing a pink gown. I grabbed my coloring book and I draw what my imagination told me.

I ended up making a very lovely long gown with floral details. It is long with embellishments and nice details at the bottom area. I imagine myself walking down the red carpet with my creation. I also remember I draw a nice headpiece which highlighted my brunette hair.



After I created my first design, I put it in my notebook (which I still keep up to this day). When i turned 18, I saved a lot to make hat long gown come to life.

I consulted my professor and she gave me a nod that the creation was a work of art. I was really excited about it and I made the gown in three weeks while I was staying in my friend in herĀ Coal Harbour condos.


I was very glad that I created the first gown that came to my mind. My friend Christina wore that gown for her wedding and it got me very teary eyed. I really believe that when you dream of something, you should write it down and do your best to make it to a reality.

Mine came true!

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