My Trademark Design

I never really thought that I have a trademark design for my creations. When I gathered all my designs, my friend told me that it seemed like my creations are mostly inclined to floral features and feminine tones. My designs, mostly consists of flowers, garden-inspired, nature, and pastel tones have been present in almost every dress I make. I never realized it till she pointed it out to me.

And now, I have gone through all my designs since I started and i just realized now how flowers have been a huge inspiration for me. As a child I always adore flowers and pastel colors. I love painting in feminine hues–baby pink, lilac, teal, and subtle orange.

I love these colors that’s why I always create designs–be it a wedding gown, a shirt, even a hand towel, to have floral prints or details in it. In one project I made, one director praised my choice of colors for an editorial of a fashion magazine.

The models and coordinators, as well as make-up artist loved it too! That was one of the most memorable projects I made and I am so proud of it. So now, I vow to continue using this trademark design to further market my Belua Designs to my target niche. I am also eyeing to target mothers who love dressing up their kids–girls and boys. I have created a few pieces I want to share with you in the coming days. So better stick to this blog and i will update you! Thankyou for reading!

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