The Best Thing About Unu

Unu Motors is a company from The Netherlands. They are experts in providing the best and quality made electric scooters in Europe. I honestly hope they conquer the world market with their innovation.

I purchased one electric scooter, or elektrische scooter as they call it for my working commute. I purchased another one for personal uses. I got one black (for office use) and one blue (for my personal ones).

My sister envies my electric scooters so she also bought one for herself. Would you like to know why i love Unu Motors’ products?

Well, check these out: Unu Motors is powered only by electricity. Meaning, it is eco-friendly. It does not carry harmful chemicals which contribute to the looming air pollution in the city. It is also amazing to know that it has a portable battery that comes with it so you can charge wherever you are if the battery runs out.

Aside from that, it has this stunning system of saving energy when you brake. The energy is stored in the battery, which makes it really efficient.


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