Cultivate Tranquility

With the help of the gifts from Juju supply, we can imagine being in the shoes of others, and experiencing their pain, and we can empathize and sympathize with them, however we cannot just be in their situation and realize what it actually feels like to them, based on their experiences. It is impossible, unfortunately. However, what I’ve learned is that we can help people by caring deeply about their journey, and supporting it however we can, providing them with the values that will prove most useful to their spiritual, mental, and physical recovery is human beings. One of these things, which I think that often goes overlooked, is the value of the emotional values. Emotional values, in my opinion, Countess things such as compassion, protection, and Tranquility. Without these three things, a recovery will not be completed. Or, it won’t be completed as effectively at least. Without trying cuilty, our minds will not rest, and our bodies will not respond in a positive way. It is super important, so amazingly important that we care about each other, and it is so important that we provide opportunities for tranquility and peace within the people who are most unrestful. Any sort of struggle with mortality, anything that can threaten our lives that is a part of our day-to-day existence, such as cancer or anything like that, can be helped by the cultivation of Tranquility, as well as other emotional values.

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