Netflix and Amazon Prime Canada

So, it’s really interesting to think about, the fact that there is such an interesting service that is being offered, and that is kind of flying under the radar because people don’t really understand the gravity of the operation. Honestly, yes, I can admit to being pretty shocked when people come up and say, but is Amazon Prime Canada worth it?  Or when they ask me something along the lines of, does it really hold any value? Yes it holds a lot of value, at home or value than any company that I can even think of right now, and their value is constantly expanding. Not only are they doing the thing that they’ve always done well but they’re branching into almost every other area of online consumerism in sales that they can, and they are creating platforms and systems that are just as good as the leaders like, right now Amazon is the main competitor for Netflix. Can you imagine that? What is Netflix a major competitor in other than online streaming services? Where is their main competitor as of today, Amazon, is creating the specific television programs, and entertainment that is just as good as the shows on Netflix, in many cases even better, and then also, buying companies like Whole Foods to diversify their portfolio. Honestly, I don’t know if there is a company in the entire world that is covering as much ground, in terms of making Progressive interesting business choices, then Amazon. I really think that Amazon might be the top notch company, and it will be difficult to find a company that is doing something as good as what Amazon is doing, in my opinion. I thing is, when Amazon buys a new service, they buy or create a new service that is top-notch, and they don’t sacrifice quality. This is what I can really respect about Amazon.


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