A Present for Christmas



What could be a perfect present for Christmas? Well, for me, it should be something that will not be of usage to the one you will give the gift to, but it should also be coming from the heart. I believe whatever gift it is that you will give to your loved ones, what matters most it that you think of them during the time of sharing and gift giving. But if you need some present ideas for Christmas, I would recommend the following for your loved ones:


Fathers- something for grooming, something that they will use at work. For example- shoes, leather shoes, watch, coat, suit, handkerchief, or wallet

Mothers-household items, some new clothes, shoes, bags, wood watches, hair product, skin products, gift certificates, cooking books

Sisters-books, gift certificates, music instrument, magazine subscription, clothes, bags

Brothers-athletic wear such as running shoes, basketball, travel gear

For friends- books, concert tickets, magazine subscription, or some travel gadgets too


Hope this list finds you well and I hope you had an idea on what to give to your loved ones once Christmas day comes. As early as now, i am now greeting with with Merry Christmas!

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